Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Tea Party! Now!

"It's time for the tea party! Here, put your bracelet on! Mommy, mommy, mommy! The tea party, right now! We're going to miss the tea party!"

Violet is desperate to have her tea party, RIGHT NOW! The intensity of her need feels more like eminent and total global annihilation as opposed to a 3 year olds tea party. I guess, to her, it feels immediate. She's in a race to have her tea party before her older sister, Ruby, has hers.

Ruby was invited, by her speech therapist, to a special tea party/cupcake decorating party. Just the two of them. No younger sibs invited. That party is tomorrow. Violet's party has to be today and Ruby is absolutely NOT invited!

I am being delegated to baking cupcakes, making sandwiches (3 kinds: 1. mustard and cheese, 2. mustard and bologna and 3. mustard, cheese and bologna) and steeping tea/apple juice. I'm doing my best to ignore them. Of course that just results in them doing it themselves.

Violet: Oops!

Me: What?

Violet: It just dropped my jelly (jello) into my cup.

Me: Where'd you get the jello?

Violet: Over there.

Me: Over where?

Violet: (shrug) I dunno.

Splash, spill! Hank spills his tea/apple juice.

Hank: Oops.

The cramp in my left hand is increasing. My tea party bracelet (AKA: rubber hair band) is cutting off my blood flow. Gotta go dry up some apple juice.


  1. Just wait till they want to borrow the car!

  2. What joy you have to look forward too when they are all out of the nest, then you get to be the grandma and start all over. Miss you